Home info Revive Your Dead Battery with ARB Portable Jump Starter: A Comprehensive Review

Revive Your Dead Battery with ARB Portable Jump Starter: A Comprehensive Review

Revive Your Dead Battery with ARB Portable Jump Starter: A Comprehensive Review

Short answer: ARB Portable Jump Starter is a compact and powerful device that can jump-start vehicles up to 8 cylinders using its built-in 12V battery. It also includes USB charging ports and an LED flashlight, making it ideal for emergency situations on the road.

How the ARB Portable Jump Starter Can Save Your Day

Picture this: you’re driving down the highway on a beautiful summer day. The sun is shining, your favorite song is blasting from the stereo, and there’s not a care in the world… until suddenly, your car battery dies.

At first, you might panic. You could be late for an important meeting or stuck in an unfamiliar location with no one to call for help. But fear not my dear friends – enter the ARB Portable Jump Starter.

This little device might seem inconspicuous at first glance, but it holds within its tiny frame enough power to jump start most standard vehicles’ batteries up to twenty times on a single charge! With 12V DC output and dual USB outputs capable of charging your phone or tablet multiple times over as well as built-in LED light which also has several modes including strobe and SOS signalling if required – it’s truly everything you need in just one package!

Not only is it extremely effective in getting your vehicle back on track as quickly as possible without having to wait around for someone else’s help — there are other benefits that come along with investing in an ARB Portable Jump Starter too:

– Portability: It’s incredibly easy to carry around because of its lightweight design making sure that wherever life takes us we have our safety net always right by our side!
– Convenience: No more worrying about whether or not the tow truck will arrive on time or how much they’ll charge; simply use this compact beauty without any additional assistance!
– Long-lasting Battery Life: This device boosts long battery life so that even after weeks of being idle it still retains its full capacity.
– Multiple Device Charging Capability: Dual USB ports make sure all devices stay charged up when travelling using very rapidly rechargeable Lithium-ion cells

When you find yourself stranded somewhere unexpectedly far from home (or anywhere really), let ARC portable jumpstarter save your day shall anything ever happen!

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Your ARB Portable Jump Starter

If you’re out on the road or have a dead battery at home, getting your car started can be a frustrating experience. Thankfully, the ARB portable jump starter is here to make life easier for you. This powerful and compact device packs enough power to jump-start even heavy-duty trucks up to 6 liters in size. With its multiple features and easy-to-use design, this versatile tool should be an essential addition to every vehicle owner’s toolkit.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through how to use your ARB portable jump starter:

Step 1: Charge Your Jump Starter

Before using your ARB portable jump starter for the first time, it’s important to give it a full charge. You can do this by connecting it to any standard outlet using the included wall charger. The charging time will typically take about six hours.

Step 2: Prepare Your Vehicle

Next, ensure that both vehicles are turned off before proceeding with the next step if starting from another source of power rather than its internal battery system provided by the ARB Portable Jump Starter. Once everything is ready, locate your battery terminals under your hood; then connect one red clamp from the jumper cable onto positive (+) terminal on what supplies power (in cases where other resources supply electricity apart from jump starters). Next attach another red clamp onto positive (+) terminal of battery in use — finally attaching black cables/clams (-signifies negative). Ensure that all clamps are firmly secured onto their respective terminal posts.

Step 3: Connect Jumper Cables

Connect one end of each jumper cable to each corresponding colored/alligator clip located on top section of your boosted engine module until they snap into place snugly around metal contacts near each clip therefor indicating tight connection.

Insert back plastic safety cover flap down securely over external port safely tucking away excess slack disallowing damage otherwise caused b foreign objects snagging wires resulting accidental spark injuries/ electric shock damages.

Step 4: Start Your Vehicle

Now that your jump starter and cables are connected, it’s time to start the engine. If you have a manual transmission vehicle, ensure that it’s in neutral gear before turning on the ignition key– else put automatic cars in park position then turn keys (twist clockwise).

Let the car run for several moments while monitoring its running safety from dashboard indicators before disconnecting cables. Brush off any excess corrosion compounds left behind by gap between cable clamps and terminals or use designated cleaning tools provided with ARB Portable Jump Starter to displace dirt buildup entirely.


In summary, using an ARB portable jump starter is easy once you get familiar with all steps involved ensuring successful vehicular movement come rain or shine. Follow our simple guide mentioned above for optimal performance so next time when at crossroads stuck with dead battery issues; don’t worry these energy emergency saving devices got us covered and always be equipped beforehand!

Frequently Asked Questions about the ARB Portable Jump Starter

The ARB Portable Jump Starter is an incredibly versatile and handy piece of equipment that should be a part of every car owner’s toolkit. It allows you to quickly jump-start your vehicle in case of dead batteries, flat tires and other emergency situations.

As someone who has had several years of experience with the ARB Portable Jump Starter, I thought it would be helpful to answer some frequently asked questions about this amazing product.

Q: What makes the ARB Portable Jump Starter different from other similar products on the market?

A: The main feature that sets the ARB Portable Jump Starter apart from its competitors is its high-capacity battery. With a 12-volt battery rated at 1000 amps peak amperage output capacity, it can easily start most vehicles up to six liters in size.

Additionally, the device comes equipped with multiple USB charging ports which allow you to charge anything from smartphones and tablets to cameras and laptops.

Moreover,the built-in LED light provides illumination in low-light conditions which serves as both practical utility and safety functionally

Q: Is the ARB Portable Jump Starter easy to use?

A: Absolutely! All you need to do is connect the clamps provided onto your vehicle’s battery terminals. Once connected, switch on the jump starter unit itself- wait for a few moments until lights indicating instant charging are displayed as so; then proceed by starting off any gasoline or diesel engine

Q: Can I leave my car idling after using the portable jump starter?

A:It’s best practice not to hold such prolong idle times while utilizing portable jump starters since their primary design isn’t meant for providing regular automotive current usage throughout prolonged periods. Simply because they have limited energy storage compared installed vehicle batteries`. Follow standard recommended procedures involves operation without extreme loading (not too many electrical components running i.e.)

Q:Is there any service limit lifespan of this product?

A:Yes like all rechargeable batteries the portable jump starter has a limited life span. The battery cell will slowly degrade over time, and the unit may become less effective in starting large engines. ARB recommends that you recharge it every 3-6 months to ensure its maximum safe charge and performance potentials

Q: Can I use my ARB Portable Jump Starter on other people’s cars?

A:Sure enough! This feature is one of the most beneficial aspects of having a personalized toolset, equipped with ARB Portable Jump Starter.

Simply put them under trial; take caution if you are running several vehicles back-to-back be sure to allow distinctive intervals between uses (so recharge your device beforehand).

To sum up : If you need an affordable and trustworthy jump-starter , invest in an ARB Portable Jump Starter .It’s Jampacked complete safety features designed for functionality above all. And not forgetting being simple to operate renders it suitable for young drivers who just recently attained driving certification or professional mechanics alike